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We offer standardized software solutions and services to cope with the constantly growing volume of data to be collected and delivered for transport companies, buyers, politicians and customers. As service providers in public transport, many transport companies are exposed to issues such as customer satisfaction, quality and economic efficiency on a daily basis. Because not only the constant cost and time pressures force you as a transport company to internal process optimizations, but also the growing demands on data provision – including real-time passenger information.

ETC offers solutions to generate Smart Data from Big Data. This includes analysis, planning and consulting for transport companies, transport associations as well as ministries, states and municipalities. Above all, we offer innovative software solutions with our developed products.

Together with our customers, we develop, plan and implement forward-looking concepts for securing tomorrow’s mobility.

With our employees from different specialist disciplines, we distinguish ourselves through outstanding IT competence.


With our employees from various specialist disciplines, we distinguish ourselves through outstanding IT competence, with which we have developed into one of the leading providers in the transport market. Our focus is primarily on two central customer groups – transport companies and ordering parties. We offer our customers a variety of qualitative, modular and standardized solutions, including revenue management, mobile technologies and software as a service.

In addition, we offer solutions that are tailored specifically to the respective customer processes through customizing. In the case of transport companies, these are typical fields such as operational processes (RBL/ITCS) and energy management, in the case of customers, quality assurance and billing processes.

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Each product portfolio is precisely tailored to your needs. Just as you should expect your future digital processes and services from us.

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Through a target-oriented and technical affinity to public transport, we can provide you with the best support and accompany you into a digitized future of your business processes.

Already many well-known EVU`s, buyers and vehicle manufacturers rely on the industry-spreading solutions of the ETC. Become a part of the growing family.

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More than 140 employees at two locations are committed to you as a customer and to the products used with them. With their willpower and knowledge, every project is driven to success in order to satisfy you as a customer. Not only the qualification of our employees is important to us, but also the daily interaction with each other. This is practiced equally and tolerantly in all locations through the cosmopolitanism of our employees, who represent us from all over the world.
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